Key Advantages of ViShare Solution

The ViShareTM technology enables the best compressed-video streaming solution that offers the following benefits.

High video quality

  • Visual lossless HD/4K video quality.
  • The naked eye cannot see the difference when compared with the original video.

Almost-zero Latency

  • Stream over WiFi: As low as 8ms.
  • Stream over Ethernet: 1.2ms.

High stability

  • Proprietary technology to ensure stable streaming in a crowded WiFi environment.
  • Low bit rate after compression.

High versatility

  • Support both wireless and wired networks.
  • WiFi, OFDM, WiGig/60GHz, 4/5G.
  • Ethernet, HomePlug, optical fiber.

Unique and rich features

  • Support multi-cast.
  • Work with standard IP router.
  • Two streaming modes using proprietary low-latency codec and H.264-compliant codec respectively.
  • Support software decode on Androi/iOS devices by providing receiver Apps.

24/7 Support

Let us know what you need help with so our team can find the best solution for you. You will receive not only technical support for your business but 24/7 expert assistance.

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